Steampunk Styled Wedding

It’s time for the first post of 2014!!!! 2013 has been a great year, and I’m hoping that 2014 will be as exciting!!!! But before posting some 2014 shooting, here is a 2013 project I’ve been involved in working with great talents: Plume A Plume for the stationary, DouceFleur Design for the accessories and flowers and Au fil de La Lune for the wedding dress (have a look at their website, they are pretty amazing!!!). Oh and I’ve almost forgotten to mention Barmy Cake!
We worked all together on styled wedding shoot, a Steampunk styled wedding shoot to be more accurate. It was my very first styled shooting so a lot of stress around before (do I have the right equipment? will I use it properly? Is everything working?…), during (we are late! there is not enough light! I won’t have enough time! I can’t find my other lense!…) and after (I don’t like the photos! will the team like the result! I need to edit faster!…). But in the end it was a great experience and I can’t wait for the next one with the team!!!! It was a great way of doing what we love, how we want it and in the end to showcase our work and get creative! Enjoy!!!!

L’heure est venue de mon premier article pour 2014!!!! 2013 a été une très belle année, et j’espère vraiment que 2014 sera tout aussi excitante!!!! Mais avant les sessions 2014, voici un projet de 2013 sur lequel j’ai travaillé avec de super talents: Plume A Plume pour la papeterie, DouceFleur Design pour les accessoires et les fleurs et Au Fil de La Lune pour la robe de mariée (allez jeter un coup d’oeil sur leurs sites, ils sont épatants!!!!). Ah et puis j’allais presque oublier Barmy Cakes!
On a travaillé ensemble sur un shooting d’inspiration, un mariage Steampunk pour être précis. C’était mon premier shooting d’inspi, du coup ben il y avait pas mal de stress avant (est-ce que j’ai le bon matos? est-ce que je vais réussir à m’en servir? est-ce que tout mon matos va fonctionner?…), pendant (on est en retard! y’a pas assez de lumière! j’aurais jamais assez de temps!…) et après (je suis pas satisfait! est-ce qu’ils vont aimer les photos! il faut que je finisse le traitement plus vite!…). Mais bon au final c’était une superbe expérience and j’ai hâte du prochain shooting avec l’équipe!!!! C’était une super façon de faire ce qu’on aime, comme on a envie et puis surtout de montrer notre travail et d’être créatif!

First I have started with the table…the tricky part was to sublime the decoration and of course not to forget anything!

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-4

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-16

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-20

Then comes the couple with some shoots inside (by the way, we did the shooting in the London Steam Museum…we tought it will go nicely with the theme!). It is not a “real” couple but they did play their part perfectly (the bride is my wife and thanksfully I’m not a jealous kind of person!).

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-21

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-27

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-30

After that first session, we went outside to use the nice “end of the day” light and showcase the accessories and little details of the dress!

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-37

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-43

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-49

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-54

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-57

And finally we did a kind of a ceremony when the night was down…

Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-58 Steampunk Styled Wedding by 1Chapter Photography-26

An exhausting day but gosh that was briliant!!!!