Venezia – Post Card

Hello, hello!!!

A quite unsual post today…a Postal Card! Well, for some of you who might not know that, I like to travel (and my wife loves that very much too!!). Back home, my close friends call me the Globe-Trotter…I wish I could trot a bit more around the world! Anyway, I love meeting new people, discovery new culture and of course good food (I can be quite adventurous on that side…)! So, I tought I would share this side of me with you…so here you go with Venezia!!!!

We went there for our 10-year anniversary. It was on our to do list for quite some time and we finally made it (don’t wait too much if you want to go there, this lovely city might disappear under the water soon…).
This place is brilliant and different from anything I had experienced before. We walked a lot, got lost a lot and enjoy the Dolce Vita! My favorite spot was Burano, a small island about 40min away by boat from Venice…a feel of Cuba with a small canal and colorful houses reminding me Notting Hill!

Hope you will enjoy the Sweet Escape!

Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-4

No gondola for us…when you see tones of them queuing in the canal, it doesn’t look special anymore!

Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-36Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-28

Of course, I have captured some local Street Art!Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-20


Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-6

Love is obviously everwhere…

Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-27

Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-35

As well as the DIY!!!

Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-24

Oh and here are some reasons why we got lost so much…small streets and and lovely canal ways that looks the same…very confusing!

Finally My Love and my favorite spot!

Venezia by 1Chapter Photography-43