Iceland – Post Card

Something different today…my second post card, Iceland (the first one was Venezia)!!!! More than a year ago…yes a year to post it but well what a crazy year both in photography and personal life! So more than a year ago with my lovely wife we went to Iceland for a one-week road trip. Best Holiday ever!!!! It was a the first we experimented the road-trip format holiday and it was brilliant! And what a country! Sun-seeker that’s not for you, but if you are after breathtaking sights, natural beauty and the feeling of being the only person in the island (we went in May, outside the high season so not many people on the road or on the hikes…) well go to Iceland!!!!!

So just landed , we hired a car and hit the road!

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 1 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 2

First stop was Hverageroi or the Hot River hike! We walked about an hour and a half (they said it wasn’t very far…) through the mountain and along the Hot River…Why Hot River? Well at the end of the hike, there is a hot spring where this river begins! You would say, what the point…??? Scroll down and you’ll see!

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 5

That ‘s the purpose of this hike…a natural hot bath in a water close to 45-50 degres!!!! And when it’s 3 degres outside and it’s hailing…well it’s just crazy and once in a lifetime experience!!!!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 10 We hit the raod again! The only ring road!!!!! Next stop Skogar!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 11 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 12

The “haunted” house that you see below…our place for the night!!!!!

Skogarfoss, one of the most impressive waterfall in Iceland (well at least on the Ring Road).

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 15

This is behind Skogarfoss…the water is coming from far far away. The whole holidays I kept wondering where the water came from…so many waterfalls!!!!

Back on the road gain!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 20

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 23

Not far from our hotel in Skogar, we discovered in a coffee that there was a swimming pool filled with natural hot water…so guess what? We went to check it out!

It’s a proper swimming pool, apparently one of the very first built in Iceland! Having a swim, in the middle of the mountain and with no one around…Priceless!!!!!

After Skogar, we went to Vik, the southest point of Iceland…still chilly though!!!! Black sand beach and sea stack (Hand of the Troll) were the first things we saw! But we didn’t stop there…Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 32 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 33

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 35 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 36

…We went for another hike for a different vantage point!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 40 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 41 And that’s the view we were after…the black sand beach and the sea stacks from the top! Oh and yes, the little person you see below…it’s my lovely wife!!!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 42Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 44

Crazy windy, we crawl to get that “close” to the cliffs!!!!

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 46 Running joke…on the road again!!!!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 47

The largest glacier of Iceland…funny enough, this is where the weather was the warmest of all our holidays!!!!

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 50 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 51 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 52

More waterfalls!!!

We then pushed it a little further to Jokulsarlon (the furthest east we went). Overthere there is a lagoon with “tiny” icebergs that try their hardest to get offshore through the shortest river of Iceland…only few achieve that! The others produce that wonderful contrasting view!!! Pure blue icebergs on a black sand beach! Breathtaking!!!!!

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 59 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 61 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 63 StreetArt is everywhere!!!!!!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 64Time to go back to where we came…we had a plane to catch!
Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 67 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 66

Quick stop by Skogarfoss (again) but this time to TOUCH THE RAINBOW!!!!!

Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 70 Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 71

Back to civilisation…we had to stop by Reykjavik and see their “weird” cathedral!

We hit the road one last time to go to Geysir…to see the geysers!!! The word comes from there…first geyser ever!!!!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 83

Another waterfall…the most powerful one in Iceland!

And finally we stopped at Pingvelir…where the country has been “created” in term of their constitution! It’s also where the North American and Eurasian tectonite plates meet!!!!!Iceland by 1Chapter Photography 96

Best holidays ever!!!!!!!