Our Pregnancy in the fields

Today I want to share with you another personal photoshoot. As you may recall, we are expecting, and we are trying to keep as many memories as possible of those amazing and thrilling months.

We did this shoot back in October, in Epping Forrest, when the colours started to change. We are now seriously approaching the due date, so it’s nice to look back at us a couple of months ago. Thanks to a remote, I was able to feature in a few shoots!



our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-5 our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-9 our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-6


our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-15our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-16 our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-17 our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-18 our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-19 our-prengrancy-in-the-fields-by-1chapter-photography-20