Timeo, Eleonore (+1) and Damien

I was so pleased to get to meet Eleonore, Damien and Timeo again, in London this time, where they came to spend a weekend. It was the occasion to photograph the new addition to the family to come, as the lovely couple were expecting their second baby.

Likewise their wedding, that afternoon was such a fun moment! We took a walk around Shoreditch and laugh a lot!

ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-1 ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-2

ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-5 ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-6 ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-7ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-8 ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-9 ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-10


ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-17 ted-are-expecting-by-1chapter-photography-18