Clémence and Caroline

Clémence and Caroline are sisters. One is currently living in Belgrade and the other lives in London. This family session was through a walk along the Danube in Belgrade. Lots of complicity and… Continue reading

Hermeen and Zaid – Part 2

Back again with Hermeen and Zaid. 2 days after their wedding we met up again, this time for Husband and Wife photoshoot. The emotions of the wedding were still touchable which delivered some… Continue reading

Delphie and Jeremy

Delphie and Jeremy met in London a couple of years ago. They are now planning to leave, and before that, they wanted to immortalise their time in this city. They decided to take… Continue reading

Hermeen and Zaid

Hermeen and Zaid were in school together when they were kids. They followed different paths but met again at adult age. They got married in Pakistan in 2010 but were living apart from… Continue reading

Alexandra and Martial

On a very snowy sunday, I have followed Alexandra and Martial around Camden Town. It was a really smiley and playful Love Session with both of them teasing each other all way through.… Continue reading

First Publication and on Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday on Valentine’s Day, I have been published for the very first time! I am very pleased that the London edition of the online newspaper (a website targetted to the French community… Continue reading

Anne-Charlotte and Joe

Anne-Charlotte and Joe, she is French and he is English, they met in France and are now living in London. Their Couple Session took place in Primrose Hill (one of the best views… Continue reading

Dominique and Michel

Dominique and Michel have been together for a very long time but only got married couple years ago; a “surprise” wedding with the close family. This session really reflects who they are, a… Continue reading

Olivia and Benjamin

Olivia and Benjamin are a really energetic, fashionable and of course charming couple. This photoshoot took place in an abandoned military base which has been adopted by street artists with tones of works!… Continue reading

Trash The Dress – Caroline

A year and a half after getting married (under the sun and the heat), Caroline suit up her wedding dress again for a cold, rainy and woody Trash The Dress. Caroline was amazing… Continue reading